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In order to use it for decorative purposes, object options and a laser cutting head and the lines surrounding it were included in the graphic design program.

Our Story 


LASER CUTTING BENDING provides service in the sheet metal cutting and bending industry in its factory building located in Çorlu, 120 km from the city center of Istanbul, on the European side of Turkey. Our service areas are Laser Cutting, Oxygen Cutting and Bending services. Our company is located 177.3 km from Bulgaria Lesova border gate and 150 km from Ipsala border gate.


LASER CUTTING BENDING in our 5500m² factory building, open and closed, in CNC Laser technology and bending machines; We deliver text and pattern cuttings on sheet metals such as ST37- ST44- ST52, dkp, hrp, galvanized sheet plates, stainless plates, aluminum plates, brass plates with a transparent, high quality and clean workmanship to our customers as soon as possible.


LASER CUTTING BENDING makes a difference in quality with the quality service it has shown to its customers, cooperation based on sincerity and trust, economic solutions and timely delivery.


LASER CUTTING BENDING Quality makes a difference and is based on customer satisfaction in accordance with the management logic. We don't just want to satisfy our customers, we want to delight them with our quality and content. Reasonable price, quality manufacturing, on time delivery are our most important principles.


LASER CUTTING BENDING has been striving to achieve the best level of service since the day we stepped into the sector, and we take care to keep the communication channels offered to our customers clear and understandable in an efficient working order.


LASER CUTTING BENDING, our mission is clear: to deliver outstanding service at the promised time. Our team never risks success by approaching each project with a special interest. We hope we have the qualifications you are looking for. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately for your general requests and requests.

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