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The laser cutting palette and laser beams are heavily in the foreground.

Sheet Metal
Laser Cutting Process 

What Are We Doing

As LASER CUTTING BENDING, we provide laser cutting services in addition to the production of Blok Making Machine and Concrete Batching Plant in line with the demands of the sector. Our Laser Cutting Machine has the best smooth, high cutting quality with the latest technological features. We process your sensitive materials in mm with a high success rate.


Our Laser Cutting Machine shows high performance in thick material cutting with 6 kW and 2 kW power. The products we process are iron, stainless, aluminum and galvanized sheet plates, and we deliver your orders in a short time by performing clean and fast cutting.


Our Laser Cutting Machine produces by adhering to the measurement precision. There is no roughness, burrs, chips, welding in the parts that come out after cutting, we produce sheet metal parts with a precision cutting quality of mm.


The main reason for the success of the product quality processed in our Laser Cutting Machine is the selection of the right material. For a clean and high quality laser cutting service, the carbon and anatomical structure of the sheet metal sheets must be smooth.


After the cutting process with our Laser Cutting Machine is completed, the products are packed and shipped to our customers. Damages to the transported products are determined and reduced to a minimum.


• Machinery Manufacturing,

• Automotive Industry,

• Lighting,

• Chandelier,

• Advertising,

• Box letter,

• Signage,

• Build

• Pattern

• It is used in decoration and other sectors.

Laser Cutting Machine Features 

Our Cnc Fiber Laser Machine

• Model: MEKOTEK FLC 1530

• Working Area: 1500 x 3000 6KW

• Sheet metal cut maximum 25mm

• Stainless sheet cut maximum 12mm

• Aluminum sheet cut maximum 10mm

• Brass sheet cut maximum 8 mm


X - Y Axis Movement: 1520 X 3030 mm

• Z Axis Movement: 330 mm

• X - Y - Z Axis Guideway: 4 Point Contact Ball

• X - Y Drive System: Rack and Rack

• Z Axis Drive System: Ball Screw

• X - Y Axis Speed: 80

• Z Axis Speed: 30

• X - Y Positioning Accuracy: 0.05

• X - Y Repeat Sensitivity: 0.03

• Table Change Time: 10

• Laser Resonator: RAYCUS / JPT / IPG

• Laser Power: 6000

• CNC Control System: Fscut

• Laser cutting Head: RAYTOOLS / WSX / PRECITEC

• Cutting Gases: Air / Oxygen / Nitrogen

Processed in a 4 mm st52 sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine
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