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Online Laser Cutting Bending

Updated: Mar 3

"Duru Demir and Steel Industry and Trade Limited Company", whose short name is "DURUDEM" and continues its activities in Tekirdağ / Çorlu - Turkey, provides sheet metal laser cutting bending service as well as online laser cutting bending service. We provide precision bending services up to 4100 mm length with two fiber laser cutting machines in 1500X300 and 2000X6000 pallet sizes and two cnc bending machine. With our pricing policy, which is very economical according to market conditions, we process your metal parts and send them wherever you

Order Details

You can request online laser cutting price by sending us your files in dwg format via our website or you can get live communication support directly via WhatsApp. File extensions such as PDF, STP, STEP, IGES, SLDPRT can be preferred for the file you will send. If the metal laser cutting part you ordered is bent, technical drawing information is sent in PDF format. Your files received by us are processed immediately and the price is calculated. For this, factors such as sheet metal properties to be cut, cutting time, number of parts are taken into account. If there is a bend in your order, its pricing is calculated separately. You can also request 2D and 3D drawings of your metal parts in online laser cutting orders. Our engineers and drafters will help you in your work by designing your product with autocad, solidworks and other programs.

Product Delivery

Your orders placed through Online Laser Cutting and Twisting will be placed in the process queue. Within five working days, your metal parts will be processed in accordance with your requested specifications. Your products are packaged to protect them from external impacts. It is shipped to the address you have given us by air, sea and road, according to the terms of the agreement. The shipping cost belongs to the customer and the product is delivered to a courier company requested by the customer. In order to save time in part manufacturing, you can receive your orders from our factory building in Turkey. Click here for more information about our online laser cutting and bending service.

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