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DURUDEM online laser cutting center

DURUDEM Laser Cutting is a process in which laser is used to cut metal and alloy materials using computer-controlled technology over the internet. This enables remote production and design collaboration with customers, suppliers and manufacturers.

DURUDEM Laser Cutting is the processing of various metal components in different geometric shapes using high-intensity light (laser) with fiber laser cutting machines. DURUDEM uses the contract laser cutting twisting technique to make high-precision and precise cuts.

DURUDEM Laser Cutting can make very thin and precise cuts. In this way, precision parts, metal components, decorative items, etc. It is preferred in the production of products such as. Acting with the slogan "If it is worth doing, it is worth cutting with laser", DURUDEM creates a difference in quality by minimizing the deterioration of the material due to strain and heat with its burr-free laser cutting process. Thus, the surface quality of the cut parts is ensured to be high.

DURUDEM online laser cutting center

DURUDEM Laser Cutting provides fast laser cutting on a wide variety of metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and brass. It is widely used in various industrial sectors (Machine Manufacturing, Automotive Industry, Lighting, Chandelier, Advertising, Box letters, Signage, Construction, Mold, Decoration, etc.).

DURUDEM Laser Cutting processes black sheet metal up to 45 mm thick, stainless steel up to 40 mm thick, aluminum up to 25 mm thick, and brass sheets up to 12 mm thick on fiber laser cutting machines in accordance with the technical drawings sent by its customers. Laser cutting area is 6Kw 1500X300 and 20Kw 2000X6000.

DURUDEM Laser Cutting performs sheet metal bending and shaping after laser cutting on 270 tons and 40 tons CNC Abkant machines. The twisting capacity of CNC bending machines is 0.30 mm to 12 mm, the maximum bending length is 4100 mm, the maximum bending capacity is 270 tons, the maximum twist thickness is Carbon steel 12 mm, Stainless steel 8 mm.

DURUDEM Laser Cutting has increased its recognition in the industrial sector with its post-laser cutting services (Laser Cutting, Cnc Abkant Twisting, Cylinder Twisting, Welded Manufacturing, Machining, Sheet Metal Sales, Quality Control, Quality Control).

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