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Online Laser Cutting Bending Service from Turkey to Europe

Updated: Mar 3

Discover Durudem's Online laser cutting bending services. Upload your file or send it by e-mail and we will prepare your offer according to the material feature, number of pieces and cutting time. Confirm your order and receive it within days! We bring laser cutting bending technology from Turkey to Europe with the Online Laser Cutting Bending Sheet Metal Processing Center service. We realize this technology by processing different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, spring steel, aluminum, copper, brass in our fiber laser cutting machine. Send your metal laser cut parts to us by creating 2D or 3D files. These files should inform us about your order. Such as sheet metal type, sheet metal thickness, number of parts to be cut and parts to be bent.

Precision Laser Cutting

Durudem Online laser cutting bending provides service in its factory building located in Çorlu city center on the European side of Turkey. Preferred for its proximity to Europe, the business is located 120 km from the city center of Istanbul, 177.3 km from the Bulgarian Lesova border gate and 150 km from the Ipsala border gate. Our company, which provides sheet metal cutting and bending services, can be easily reached by road. Our customers who prefer the highway reach us from countries such as Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Slovakia and Romania. Our customers tour our production facility and witness the smooth, burr-free precision processing of their orders. We are happy to welcome our customers with Turkish coffee and Turkish delight Conmach Online Laser Cutting Center.

Online laser cutting is economical

Durudem Online laser cutting bending is preferred in areas where effective and fast production is required. Usage areas are Machinery Manufacturing, Automotive Industry, Lighting, Chandelier, Advertising, Letter Box, Signage, Construction, Mold, Decoration and other sectors. There are thickness options that you can choose from. You can get laser cutting, laser marking, laser cutting and bending services by processing the most detailed designs. Online laser cutting is economical and suitable for your budget. You can benefit from discounts on your bulk orders. Your laser cutting projects offer excellent reliability with Conmach quality. Call us to find out which material is suitable for your project.


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